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A fundraiser for the Democratic candidates for Wilmington City Council will be held Saturday, August 17th, 12pm-2pm, at the home of Laura Struve and Joshua Engel, 685 Timber Lane. Please join them and bring a donation for the campaigns to elect Kelsey Swindler, Michael Snarr, Tyler Williams and Michael Allbright.

Democratic Wilmington City Council Candidates 2019

Michael Allbright

My primary objective in running for City Council is to approach all challenges and concerns for the City of Wilmington with an open-mind, and to actively listen to and investigate all matters in a non-partisan way.

Michael Snarr

I grew up in Wilmington and have lived in the 2nd Ward for over 40 years. I was appointed as Councilman for the 2nd Ward in January 2018 and am running for election in 2019.

Kelsey Swindler

My favorite thing about Wilmington is its steadfastness. We’ve been through a lot, but there’s an abiding sense that we’ll overcome new obstacles, just like we’ve overcome previous ones, and there’s a commitment to and enthusiasm for new ideas.

Tyler Williams

I want to be remembered as somebody who was fiscally responsible but also made real change that made people want to move to the city.